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 This website is about the ICPO (International Criminal Police Organization), or otherwise known as INTERPOL.

 You probably already know what Interpol is, but here are some answered questions.<a


What is Interpol?

What do they do?

Why was Interpol created?

How did Interpol get started?

Interpol the band

WTF is with the Macaws?


What is Interpol? Ė Interpol is crime fighting organization, just like your local police department. Instead, they help other member countries that need to co-operate by connecting all members of Interpol by a network of files of criminals and cases if any of Interpolís 182 nations need them.


What do they do? - Interpol records any information about something that was in a criminal case, ex: information on criminals, type of crime, vehicles, anything to help any police officer with information about a certain crime.


Why was Interpol created? - No one is for sure why it really got started, but it is said that the countries in Europe needed a co-operation between countries. This was needed because criminals would commit crimes in one county in Europe and then skip to another country to avoid prosecution. Since Europe is a tightly packed Continent, police didnít have enough time to catch criminals, and the idea was created.


How did Interpol get started? - Interpol got its roots from 14 countries in Europe in the 1914 in Monaco, but the rest you will find in the History page.


Interpol the band - There is a band called Interpol from New York ( I am a huge fan of the band). They are an alternative rock band with 2 full length albums out, Turn on the bright lights and Antics, both great albums. There are many stories as which how the band Interpol got there name, but apparently the lead singer/ guitarist Paul Banks was teased by his classmates saying "Paul, Paul, Interpol" ( I don't get it either). Currently Interpol the organization doesn't mind about the band Interpol, but there has been some rumors that an Interpol agent approached the band at one of their concerts. You can watch some of the band Interpol's videos for free at http://www.interpolny.com/video.php



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