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Interpol's first congress was First held in 1914 in Monaco.


The Beginning

World War 2

Born again


Advances To Today




The Beginning

The name Interpol was not created until 1956 but that is what I will refer it to. Interpol was first called the ICPC (international criminal police commission) and was mainly created on the ideas of Dr.Johann Schober, who was the president of the police commissions in Vienna at the time. These meetings were held until WWI, but was brought back up in 1923.


World War 2

Delegates were meeting in Vienna until world war 2 started. The ICPC was infiltrated by some Nazis who keep electing more Nazis so ICPC would become mostly in the Nazi regime. Then in 1942, the ICPC was relocated into Germany. Almost all of the countries had removed themselves from Interpol because they didn't agree with the Nazi regime. Then in 1945, the ICPC practically didn't exist.


Born Again

In 1946, ICPC was being rebuilt mainly by Belgium. They started their new headquarters in St.Cloud (near Paris). They also started rebuilding the records from old files from the old days, and creating new ones. ICPC developed a new telegraphic address codenamed "Interpol". At the time, Louis Ducloux (France) was secretary general and M. Florent Louwage (Belgium) was the president. then in 1956, the name was officially changed to ICPO (international criminal police organization)- Interpol then abbreviated into Interpol.



in 1971, Interpol was now officially a international organization. Interpol was moving with out a hitch until the headquarters was bombed in May of 1986. They needed a new place, so the moved in 1989 to Lyons, France, in a place that was much more secure.


Advancements To Today

in 1990, a new system called NBC was created to make contact to Interpol electronically and faster and much more secure. Then in 1998 the ICIS (Interpol criminal information center) was developed to make the database more accessible and faster. Now the web based I-24/7 system was created so NCBs can use the database quicker.



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